Our Open Curriculum

A七星彩海南私彩软件mherst has no distribution requirements and no core curriculum. Instead, students choose the courses that matter most to them. Our open curriculum ensures that each classroom is filled with inquisitive, fully engaged students committed to the topic at hand.


Amherst offers more than 850 courses (explore our Course Catalog), and the Five College Consortium七星彩海南私彩软件 offers thousands more. How do students choose among all those options? Our accomplished, approachable faculty are committed to serving as advisers and mentors during the course selection process.


our curriculum offers flexibility and independence. it rewards initiative. students take full responsibility for their intellectual growth, in the same way they will take responsibility for important choices later in life. many students decide to double major. with no core requirements, they are able to choose two majors and still have enough time to explore other disciplines. they are also able to consider a broader range of study abroad programs.


students are not in it alone. faculty advisers offer close guidance as students shape their own education. the open curriculum also allows professors to quickly adapt courses to new developments in their fields, and to the evolving interests of students.

The result: well-rounded students who work extensively within their majors, while also exploring the many other courses that spark their curiosities.

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Course Catalogs

七星彩海南私彩软件explore the breadth and variety of amherst’s open curriculum in our 850+ courses, as well as courses offered through the five college consortium.