T七星彩海南私彩软件here’s a saying you’ll see on t-shirts and bumper stickers in Amherst that offers both a pronunciation lesson and an insight: “Amherst—where only the ‘h’ is silent.” That captures Amherst—vibrant, opinionated and proud of it.

life here is also smart, fun, dynamic and somehow laid back all at the same time. here are two facts backing that up:

  • More than 40% of the local population has a graduate degree.
  • Surveyed visitors say Amherst makes them feel more like themselves than anywhere else.

七星彩海南私彩软件more than 30,000 college students call amherst home during the academic year. hampshire college and the university of massachusetts amherst are the college’s neighbors, and smith and mount holyoke colleges are a short bus ride away (more on that below). along with amherst, these schools form the ().

the small sampling below will give you an idea of how much there is to enjoy here. and most of this is within walking distance of the college.

Town Life


The influx of students (and faculty, staff and their families) means plenty of concerts, festivals, lectures, conferences, exhibitions and museums (including our own , Beneski Museum of Natural History and Mead Art Museum). Galleries can be found in both Amherst and Northampton and families will love the . Check out for up-to-date information on area exhibitions.


七星彩海南私彩软件there’s music for every taste, from classical to funk, from orchestras to chamber music. the pioneer valley is a major stop on the concert trail. major concert halls in amherst and northampton—venues such as the music hall, and —mean that you can watch live music pretty much every night (recent examples at amherst college alone: macklemore, the decemberists and the roots, as well as the music at amherst concert series, which features chamber music and leading vocalists).


located downtown,  not only shows the latest art-house features, classic films and documentaries, but also offers live discussions with film artists, education programs, and broadcasts of productions from around the world, including britain’s national theatre. south hadley’s , close to the mount holyoke college campus, offers a mix of mainstream and independent features, and if you’re looking for the latest hollywood blockbusters,  is located in nearby hadley at the hampshire mall.


sure, every college town has pizza places. but antonio’s in amherst is one of the best in the country, and there’s so much more, from french to mexican to italian to delicious deli. .

our town is full of some of the friendliest, warmest and most intellectually engaged people you’ll ever meet. many such folks can be found at share coffee, or amherst coffee (of course, frost library’s café is not too shabby either). as one student put it, share coffee "attracts the kind of people you see in romantic comedy movies but secretly hope to meet in real life.”


七星彩海南私彩软件small batch beer flows at two brew pubs in amherst: downtown and on the edge of umass. locals love just a mile outside town, for its serious selection of casks and bottles. the beckons to the west, and though it doesn’t have a brew pub, offers some of the tastiest beer in the region.

Outdoor Life

七星彩海南私彩软件the valley’s outdoor life can’t be beat. hiking trails, fishing streams, the connecticut river (a favorite for boating), and all variety of natural scenery — from woods to farmlands to ponds — provide beautiful views and give students unforgettable experiences to share.

A squirrel on a branch in the woods

Amherst College Wildlife Sanctuary

amherst college’s own wildlife sanctuary includes 500 acres of open fields, wetlands, flood plain woods, river, upland woods, plantation pines, and ponds.


七星彩海南私彩软件if bicycling (or jogging or cross-country skiing) is your thing, on our east edge lies the 11-mile . this paved trail cuts through the college’s wildlife sanctuary and connects amherst, hadley, and northampton. 


having explored the local scenery since her arrival at amherst, sophia maldonado ’20 created this interactive .

七星彩海南私彩软件her map includes the mill river, kendrick, sweetser, and groff parks, all within the town of amherst.

Transportation & Accommodations


七星彩海南私彩软件buses operated by the () take you wherever you want to go, well into the early morning hours and on weekends when school is in session. college students simply show their id to ride as often as they like. and through our , you can get 24/7 access to zipcars parked right on campus.


Whether by air, rail or bus, traveling to and from Amherst is a breeze. Bradley International Airport near Hartford, Conn., is about an hour from campus, and Boston’s Logan Airport is about two and a half hours away. Shuttle transportation from either airport to campus is available. to New York City, and  has limited service to nearby Northampton and extensive service to Springfield, Mass., just 30 minutes from campus. See more transportation options, including shuttle, bus and limousine services.


We’re proud of our own , recently restored to its former glory. Right on the Amherst Common and on the doorstep of campus, this inn has housed students, alumni, families and the occasional famous poet (Robert Frost) since 1926. It’s known for impeccable service, luxurious style, exceptional food and commitment to environmental sustainability. There are plenty of other lodging options, though. See Amherst's Local Lodging page.