To whom would you like to give a shout-out?

“My friends for keeping me sane, all the professors for adjusting to the circumstances and committing to help students learn in this difficult time, and all the staff members who are helping to get students still on campus through it.” — Noah

“Danielle Amadeo at the Mead Art Museum and Amy Johnson七星彩海南私彩软件 from the Economics Department. Both of these lovely women send me funny pictures, memes, and dog pics to cheer me up, without me even asking them to.”

Professors! All of my professors have been extremely understanding and are prioritizing the well-being of students. I really, really appreciate it.” — Gavi

“All dining services people. I especially want to give a shout out to the Valentine checkers. Janet, Barbara, Zaweeda, Jane, Joan, and Lina made going to Val so enjoyable. I am sad I will not be able to say bye to them before I graduate.” — Diego

faculty in regalia stand in Johnson Chapel during Orientation
Professor Adam Sitze (left) was among the faculty honored during Orientation 2019.

“Professor Sitze trying to energize us during our 8:30 am class by making jokes and using sound effects that he downloaded from Garage Band. I really appreciate all of the effort that he’s putting into this! I also really appreciate how good he is with technology.”

“I would like to give a shoutout to all of the professors that have been checking up on me and being great outlets.” — Rebecca

“Professor Gordon for being an MVP on essay deadlines.” — Eric

“I am thankful for: Professor Kiara Vigil for being so understanding and kind to her students. She has gone above and beyond to be flexible with us. Thank you to Mariah Leavitt and Rachel Jirka in the Archives and Special Collections for working so hard and for being understanding supervisors.” — Alexis

“Parker Richardson ’21 and Diana Daniels ’21 for making confinement as fun as possible.” — Lisa

Students at an open house for the resource centers
Students attended an open house for the resource centers in 2019.

“The entire resource centers team. Specifically to Hanna Bliss and Gabe Hall, who lead the Center for International Student Engagement. In times of great uncertainty for international students, they have done a stellar job of supporting us and making sure our questions are answered and our needs are met.” — Memo

“Prof. Palmquist — the best advisor and professor I’ve had.”

“Caden McClure for being a family man.”

“Scott Alfeld is awesome.”

“The Val workers七星彩海南私彩软件 still on campus and the professors who are being so accommodating.”

chef prepares meal in dining hall   

What do you miss most about being on campus?

“I miss my friends七星彩海南私彩软件 and I miss the resources that we have on campus.”

“In-person Quiz Bowl practices, meeting up with friends at Schwemm’s, studying with friends in Frost, and all the other wholesome moments.”

七星彩海南私彩软件i miss the social rhythms of campus life—walking to class and greeting people on the way, studying in the company of friends, eating together in val, and having lots of events to look forward to. daily life felt so full. i grieve those lost moments.”

Val front room pierogi night.”

“I miss running into friends,七星彩海南私彩软件 acquaintances, staff members, and professors.”

“The international student community, singing with the Zumbyes, and going for walks on the bike trail.”

“Being able to have a nice, quiet,七星彩海南私彩软件 academic environment to study in.”

“Being with my friends. Learning collaboratively in the classroom. I miss the campus.”

七星彩海南私彩软件everyone and everything—especially the schwemms chicken tenders.”

“I miss seeing my friends七星彩海南私彩软件 and my professors!”

“Being able to walk around from class to class.  Being stuck inside really limits the ability to stay active throughout the day.”

“My dorm room,七星彩海南私彩软件 which is bigger than my room at home, a lot tidier, and a lot more conducive to getting work done. The faculty and staff who supported me, listened to my problems, and genuinely cared about me. Having real food to eat. Being a bus ride away from all of my friends at Hampshire College. My campus dogs.”

“DoorDashing Chile’s, poker nights.”

“The people and my motivation to work : ( ”

“The science center!”

“I miss my classmates. I miss studying together at Frost and running into people at Val. I love the small campus energy because it creates community but with no one here it's just not the same.”


Johnson Chapel at sunset